High tec gear oil (85W140) drum

This is a high performance heavy duty manual transmission lubricant formulated using high quality extreme pressure additives.

Performance Levels: Exceeds API GL-4, MIL L-2105
SAE Grade85W140

    Package Size:

  • 210 Liter


  • Multi grade gear oil
  • Low maintenance cost of gear boxes due to protection against wear & corrosion.
  • Smooth transmission of high torques at high speeds and heavy loads.
  • Extreme pressure properties

It is recommended for use in automotive gear boxes axles and transmission boxes where and API GL-4 performance is required.

Health & Safety:
Prolonged and repeated contact with oil may cause skin disorders. Avoid contact. Wash immediately with soap and water. Do not discharge used oil in to drains or the environment. Dispose to an authorized used oil collection point.