Fleet Power plus

This is an extra performance, heavy duty engine oil that provides shear stability under wide variety of service conditions. This oil is also suitable for gasoline engines.

Perormance Levels: ExceedsAPI CH-4/SG, ACEA: E2, MB228.1, ALLISON C-4, VOLVO VDS, MAN 271, EDL5, EPL4, CAT TO2

    Package Size:

  • 1Liter

This products meets and exceeds the specifications of all major japanese, German, American & European engine manufactures recommended for use in modern series of turbo charged diesel powered equipment and heavy commercial vehicles.


  • Good thermal stability.
  • Controls sludge formation.
  • Reduced oil consumption and engine wear.
  • Extended drainage intervals and TBN reserves
  • Engine cleanliness.

Recommended for use in wide range of heavy duty applications operating environments in trucking, mining, construction, quarrying, marine and agricultural industries. It is suitable and recommended for wide range of diesel engines from caterpillar, Cummins, Mack, Man, Mercedes Benz and Volvo among-st others.

Health & Safety:
Prolonged and repeated contact with oil may cause skin disorders. Avoid contact, wash immediately with soap and water. Do not discharge used oil in to drains or the environment. Dispose to an authorized used oil collection point.