Superb Lube Private Limited is a leading manufacturer, supplier and marketer of premium quality Automotive & Industrial Grade Lubricants, Grease, Furnace Oil (FO), Base Oil, Additives, Chemical and so on.

It takes effort to produce and deliver products that move two wheeler, four wheeler & heavy equipment such as dozer and cranes. While working hard to meet customers need, we also feel a strong sense of responsibility to our associates, to the communities in which we operate and to the natural environment.

Our products are of standards series and lubricant molecule has been synthesized on the basis of various research and test worked out by chemical engineer to overcome the defeat caused by conventional & other synthetic lubricant oil.

We are committed to provide the oil of optimal performance having low viscosity which can form thin film on engine parts, gear parts and mechanical part at running temperature so that the engine consumes less fuel to run oil pump.

Superb lubricant has been designed in perfect way and is benign to every part of the engine and devoted to reduce corrosion and obsession which lead to the meticulous and constant protection of engine and other part with optimal performance and high efficiency of engine
We are also committed to ensuring that each customer receives the product and our qualifies professionals are committed to providing lubricants solution successfully tailored to your need. that’s the power behind performance of our product.


Many researches are being conducted in different part of the world by scientists and expert to design extra magnificent molecules of lubricant oil and grease so that each costumer can enjoy the service consisting of updated products in sustainable way. We have formed stalwart tie with the related associates and always coordinate with them to provide our service for costumer.

Superb’s mission is to be a absolute premier market leader and to strengthen our reputation for excellence within five years in all segment of automotive & industrial grade and also to Supply FO & Lubricant for Airlines and Setup gas plant and Solar energy as well .Superb will set a new standard for being accessible to all customers and responsive to their exceptions and needs.

We are deeply engrossed to achieve 3.5 percent market share by planting the factory for grease and lubricants in Nepal and enable a rewarding long-term employment for its employee partners, and to positively influence the communities with long term relation in which they operate.


Our vision is to become Nepal’s leading independent manufacturer of high-quality lubricants with reliable performance and best services with a perspective of global excellence.

Through the pursuit of service and technical excellence we aim to continuously meet and exceed the demands placed upon us by our diverse customer base.
Our aim is to be the first choice for our customers, people and business partners.